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"will you be the heart that melts snow?"

Greetings. You have come across, otherwise dubbed as the Vanilla Lace Studio, a small network collective of Shinju's. After years of sleep, the main network is finally back! Hope you enjoy your visit! Be sure to visit the other awesome networks once you're done with your perusal. To keep yourself updated, you can view news logs via snow-bubble and or follow the network twitter account: @snowchime. Shinju (06.23.13)

rewind. is the successor to my very first domain, (November 2006 - November 2010), serving as the main portal to other domains and projects that fall under the SnowlikeTears Network. was registered on February 14, 2010 & officially launched on 22 January 2012.


Simply put, "snow heart," aside from loving both words by itself and combined, was born out of feeling blue. Hence, "a heart covered in snow". There's a tad bit more than that but I'm afraid the rest is for another time. On a lighter note, Snow-Heart also conveys the idea of "a heart that melts the snow." Network name, Vanilla Lace, came about while thinking of desserts on my way to class. Coincidentally, it's also one of the flavors I love within Victoria Secret fragrances.


Version one, Moonlit Sonata, features Hatsune Miku from the artbook, Weightlessness Space. Theme was designed in Photoshop CS3, hand-coded in Textmate and optimized for a 1366X768 minimum resolution under Safari. Credits can be found here.


I'm Shinju, a twenty-something Asian American, living in the cooler side of Cali. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I fall under the INFJ type. I have more than a chock full of ideas but lack time and partly motivation. Any free time I have is mostly spent perusing fanfiction. Go, figure. If you ever need to reach me, drop me a line anytime! (I don't bite, I promise ;3). Come find me elsewhere at my carrd profile.

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"tears scatter, its color like pearls."

Ideas are stored in the fridge, waiting for the day to be used. Hopefully someday, would be filled with more substance. For now however, what you see is what you get. Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy your stay!


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Heart filled with wonders. » Fanlisting collective since December 2013.


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"even if my voice fades, i'll be with you."

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